Virtual Payment and State Channels

Perun Network

The Perun Network is a framework that supports off-chain protocols for simple payments and generic smart contract off-chain execution. Perun's channels can be virtual, which means that off-chain transactions do not require interaction with intermediaries thereby further reducing trust, latency and costs. In additional Perun offers strong security guarantees backed up by scientific methods from cryptographic research. For further details on Perun's features visit:

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Technical Whitepapers

General State Channel

This whitepaper contains the first full specification of general state channel networks that support an arbitrary number of intermediaries and allow users to run complex smart contract off-chain.

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(accepted to ACM CCS 2018 )

Virtual Payment Channel

This whitepaper contains a technical description of Perun's virtual payment hubs with special optimizations for carrying out payments.

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(accepted to IEEE S&P 2019)

FairSwap: How to fairly exchange digital goods

This whitepaper contains the technical description of FairSwap, a protocol for the fair exchange of digital goods using smart contracts.

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(accepted to ACM CCS 2018)

Multi-Party Virtual State Channels

This whitepaper contains the first complete description of a state channel network that supports multi-party channels with a constant worst case time complexity for arbitrary complex channels.

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(accepted to Eurocrypt 2019)

Highly scalable

The Perun's channel virtualization eliminates intermediaries thereby offering nearly unlimited scalability.

Provable secure

The security of Perun is mathematically proven using state-of-the-art techniques from cryptographic research.

Privacy enhancing

Since Perun eliminates interaction with the middleman, Perun's channels naturally enhance privacy.

Cost efficient

Perun reduces costs for executing smart contracts and payments by cutting off the middleman.


Perun uses lightweight cryptography and can be used on almost any platform, e.g., for machine-to-machine communication.


Perun enables completely novel applications by supporting generalized state channels.

Open Source Implementation

The Bosch research team, in collaboration with the Perun team, has developed the open source project "Direct State Transfer" (DST) as a solution to implement the Perun protocols.

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Perun is currently an academic project developed jointly by the TU Darmstadt (Germany) and the University of Warsaw (Poland). It is partly founded by the German Research Foundation and the Polish National Science Center.

Sebastian Faust

Prof. Sebastian Faust

TU Darmstadt

Stefan Dziembowski

Prof. Stefan Dziembowski

University of Warsaw

Sebastian Stammler

Sebastian Stammler

TU Darmstadt

Marius van der Wijden

Marius van der Wijden

TU Darmstadt

Sasan Safai

Sasan Safai

Universität Mannheim

Lisa Eckey

Lisa Eckey

TU Darmstadt

Kristina Hostakova

Kristina Hostáková

TU Darmstadt



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